Want to become a Distributor?

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An awesome new breath freshener that’s all natural, super strong, eye catching, worn on your key chain, and most of all, a hot selling product! It’s also designed with a customized counter top display to grab the attention of customers wherever it’s placed.

But that’s not the best part!

When you become a Dragon Slayer Master Distributor, all the hard work is done for you! We will provide you with everything you need to get started; including hiring a professional locating company to place your Dragon Slayer products, promotional material, displays, and all of the tracking tools and documents you will need to be successful in your business.

All you have to do is check with your locations 2-3 times monthly to collect your funds and restock your inventory!

It’s so Easy! 

So, Lets run through a quick scenario of how this works. Now, let’s assume you would like to start off with a package that includes 20 stores. We will ship out everything you need for your Dragon Slayer route. So you will receive the Dragon Slayer breath freshener units, 20 displays, a tracking program (that will assist you in keeping track of inventory), tracking sheets (that will be used at the stores in your route to keep track of your sales), Sample contracts (for your locations to sign), Promotional posters (for your locations window) and samples of Dragon Slayer products (meant to be circulated for advertisement purposes). Once you receive your package, a professional locator will be sent to your area to locate the stores that are anxious to sell Dragon Slayer for you. Just so you know…..Dragon Slayer is highly marketable; and has found success in bars, convenient stores, barber shops, restaurants, clothing stores and more. Once you approve your locations, you will place your displays.

I know by now you’re probably asking! How much money do I stand to make? I’m glad you asked that question!

 Master Distributors get special pricing on Dragon Slayer breath freshener units, so your cost per unit is only $1 (this depends on the volume of units you buy). You have the power to negotiate the commission that you pay your locations for selling Dragon Slayer. The Average Commission is 20-40%. For the sake of this example, we will use 30%. So let’s say you have 20 locations and they each sell an average of 4 units per day at a retail price of $3.99 per unit.

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That means your total gross sales per day for all 20 locations is $319.20. Deduct the 30% commission given to your stores, you are left with $223.44. Once you remove your unit cost, you are left with $143.44 profit per day. Now, multiply $143.44 times 30 days and you’ve got a monthly income of $4303.20!

We have found that 20 locations generally take approximately 1 day to service. You can cover as many locations as you wish, provided you are able to service each location at least twice a month.

Your profit is large enough to hire employees to service the locations for you!

Well, that’s a lot of money for such a small amount of time and effort! Previously, that could only be possible in dreams, but TODAY, it is a reality.

This amazing opportunity is strictly for action takers and not procrastinators. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity TODAY! I can assure you that it will be one of the best moves you’ve ever made.

Now that’s only with 20 locations!

What are you waiting on? If you are ready to review and complete the NON-EXCLUSIVE WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT, simply CLICK on the GREY BUTTON that says GET STARTED NOW!